The Cost of Recovery

Recovery work costs post Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island continues to rise, according to the Staten Island Advance. The paper called attention to that fact that a $500 million deficit will be shifted from the federal government to the city through the Build it Back recovery program. The plan’s original budget rose from 1.7 billion to 2.2 billion on a federal level. According to the Staten Island Advance, of the 4,561 initial homeowner applicants on Staten Island, only 37.6 per cent had been reimbursed as of early September.

"The construction market is incredibly hot right now," Build it Back’s director Amy Peterson told a town council meeting on Sept. 22, reports the Advance."But the costs are also due, really, to both the additional work that we do on all of these homes to make them resilient, due to regulatory requirements, community input and other things like that."