An Ounce of Prevention

With ransomware becoming increasingly common, and moving from targeting large companies to smaller ones, small businesses need to ensure they’re protected from these potential threats. To that measure, Brian NeSmith, writing for, offers four clear steps that small businesses can take to reduce their exposure to ransomware:

  • Regularly back up your data: With backups, you can restore your files to a recent known state. Without backup, you’re at the mercy of whoever is holding your data hostage.
  • Monitor your network: Keep track of suspicious network behavior, to help detect when an infection may be occurring.
  • Ensure users are trained about basic security risks: Don’t assume people know not to click on links or open attachments from unknown senders, and teach employees how to spot security threats.
  • Keep security current: Don’t let antivirus and other security programs go unused or fall out of date.