Digital Security

With the continued growth of electronic and Internet connected devices, and the trail they can leave, the FBI is offering a self-guided online training program to assist law enforcement first responders in properly securing a crime scene and gathering digital evidence. Hosted by the FBI’s cyber division, and in association with Carnegie Mellon University and the International Associated of Chiefs of Police (IACP), this training will be free to all American law enforcement personnel, under the title of the Cyber Investigator Certification Program (CICP).  Designed to allow for completion over multiple sessions, the course is split up into nine modules, focusing on such topics as software, hardware, encryption, legal tools, and other items.

“The goal of the course is to improve a first responder’s technical knowledge by focusing on best practices in terms of investigative methods specific for cyber investigations,” says special agent James McDonald from the Cyber Division’s Cyber Training and Logistics Unit. “The more first responders understand about technology, the less chance there is of errors being made while securing a crime scene involving digital evidence.”