Social Breakdown

All companies need to have a game plan for how to react when that social media crisis finally occurs. To guide the response in such a matter, Brittany Berger, writing for, offers a list of 10 key considerations any plan should address. Intending to cover the complete cycle, her recommendations include, but are not limited to:

  • Determining whether the crisis is actually a crisis: Is there a legitimate issue, and are the people raising the issue actually expecting and deserving of a response, or just venting for the sake of venting?
  • Halt automatic updates: Don’t mix your message by pumping out promotions at the same time you’re trying to manage a response.
  • Providing frequent updates: If you’re working on a resolution, make sure you post that you are, and where you are in the process. Don’t let people think you’re just trying to wait them out.
  • Be prepared to repeat the cycle: An issue may actually be a set of issues, with each issue masking the next issue, and requiring its own response.