Cyber watchdogs

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a new set of guidelines for businesses and consumers in early November. The guide, called Ransomware – A closer look, comes with an accompanying video, Defend against Ransomware.

The FTC recommends the following steps when dealing with ransomware:

  • Training and education: “Implement education and awareness programs to train employees to exercise caution online and avoid phishing attacks.”
  • Cyber hygiene: “Practice good security by implementing basic cyber hygiene principles (including updating software, and implementing new procedures for users).”
  • Backups: “Backup data early and often.”
  • Planning: “Plan for an attack. Develop and test incident response and business continuity plans.”

If your business is hit by ransomware, the FTC recommends having and implementing a continuity plan, contacting law enforcement, and containing the attack by disconnecting the infected drive.