House of Representatives passes RESPONSE ACT

With the passing of the RESPONSE ACT by the House of Representatives, approval has been given for the establishment of a new temporary subcommittee intended “to enhance emergency responder training for incidents involving hazardous-materials rail transportation,” according to Railway Age.

Operating under the FEMA National Advisory Council, the subcommittee will be include agents from FEMA, the Federal Railroad Administration, and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, as well as non-governmental members.  Under its mandate, the subcommittee will be tasked with discussion of such topics as:

  • Training for local emergency first responders related to rail hazmat incidents
  • Funding levels for local emergency first responders training related to rail hazmat incidents
  • Strategies for integrating various data sets and sources for local emergency first responders, and improving speed of access to relevant information using existing or emerging communications technologies