Banking On It

While companies often plan for disaster recovery, the testing of their disaster recovery capabilities often lags behind, leading to gaps, omissions, and losses when finally forced into action. To minimize their chances of encountering such problems, CU*Northwest recently conducted a successful test of their disaster preparedness and recovery capabilities.

Involving the movement of all production operations from a primary data center to a secondary data center located out of region, the test involved the participation of over 60 credit unions, and lasted for three days, before operations were flipped back to the primary center without disruptions.

“Most tests are simply simulations or very quick recovery exercises outside of the normal service delivery to account holders,” says CEO of CU*NorthWest Greg Smith. “Not only did we test the rollover and the integrity of our strategy and engineering, but we ran EVERY client in this environment for 3+ business days—our client-owners were all active testers and participants in the test.... We don’t have to wonder whether it will work because we just proved it and that builds confidence.”