The Air India Bombing

With more than 30 years having passed since the Air India 747 bombing, papers released by the National Archives under the 30 year rule have offered some additional insights into the responses of Ireland to the disaster, according to The Journal.

Having occurred while Ireland was already in a recession, the bombing created intense pressures on the emergency services in Cork, as well as on Cork University hospital, creating similar financial pressures.

Further details are also provided as to the diplomatic issues surrounding the bombing, with the necessary involvement of Canadian and Indian government officials, as well as the citizens of those nations related to those killed in the bombing.

While the challenges were considerable, the efforts of the Irish government and the people of Cork were deeply appreciated. As written by Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney at the time, "I know that all Canadians share the sense of the overwhelming human tragedy of the victims of Flight 182, but they have also been touched by the way the residents of Cork have opened up their hearts to absorb the grief of this painful human experience."