A Pound of Cure

With overdoses of drugs such as Fentanyl making headlines, overdose reversal drugs are getting increased attention. An article in JD News reports the local use of Narcan in treating overdoses in Jacksonville, NC. Local law enforcement have begun carrying the drug kits to combat a rise in overdoses.

"Due to increase of opioid dependence and addiction over the last couple years there has been a dramatic increase in the use of heroin," Nick Wilson, the senior administrative support specialist with the Carteret County Sheriff's Office, told JD News. "We decided to carry Naloxone kits in order to respond when able to drug overdoses in an attempt to save lives. Sometimes law enforcement may be able to respond to the scene of an overdose before EMS." In Jacksonville, where JD News reports that law enforcement and emergency management staff carry Narcan kits with them, each dose costs $47.80 according to Jacksonville Fire and Emergency Services Deputy Chief Spencer Lee.