Emergency Growth

Emergency management is spurring growth in related sectors such as resilience planning and business continuity, opening up new job opportunities, especially in Portland, writes Melody Finnemore in the Portland-Tribune. She cites the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in saying, "Portland provides the largest number of emergency management jobs in Multnomah County, and one of the largest employers is Portland's Bureau of Emergency Management. The Multnomah County Office of Emergency Management, which coordinates all of the operations among state, city, county and private-sector groups, pays emergency management professionals more than $60,000 a year, compared to the national average salary of about $53,000."

The role of the community and of cooperation and coordinated efforts between emergency relief efforts and agencies will be increasingly important, according to Kent Yu, PhD, PE, SE, founder of Portland's SEFT Consulting Group and co-creator of the Oregon Resilience plan.

"Given the unpredictability of Mother Nature and the tragic rise in violent attacks across the U.S., the need for emergency management, resilience planning and business continuity professionals will only continue to grow," writes Finnemore.