Rescue Labs

While companies increasingly have emergency response measures in place, these plans often heavily depend on the assumption that first responders will be rapidly available for support and assistance. Writing for The Scientist, Larissa Paschyn, a San Francisco based certified emergency manager, offers some insights as to what biotech companies can do to ensure that their employees are both safe and prepared in the event of a disaster.

Recommending the use of Emergency Response Teams (ERTs), Paschyn offers advice on both the key roles for team members (evacuation coordinators, medical response, search and rescue, structural specialists, and hazmat), and methods for development of teams, emphasizing regular exercises so as to properly assess ERT readiness, and to identify areas of potential development. While such teams are not without financial cost, their readiness can be of great assistance in supporting business continuity programs, and offer indications that the company is strongly considering the well-being of employees and team members.