Some days, everything goes Wonga

Pay day lender Wonga has found itself in the news for negative reasons, as a data breach has exposed the information of over 200 thousand customers between two nations. Affecting records from both the UK and Poland, the breach included such information as names, addresses, phone numbers, banking information, and even potentially the last four digits of bank cards.

Originally thought to be limited to just be a security breach without theft, Wonga realized later that the breach included the stealing of various records. After this recognition, the firm began contacting borrowers and establishing a dedicated phone support line.

Observed president and co-founder of SailPoint Kevin Cunningham, "In today’s market, it's a matter of when, not if, a data breach will happen. So the most important factors are prevention, education, and rapid response. When a breach does happen, it’s important to quickly find out how and why it occurred, assess the damage and required response, and put IT controls in place to address future attacks. This is where identity and access management solutions can help, because they can address the immediate pain while also identifying – and mitigating – other areas of exposure."