The View From Above

A recent survey from FICO and consulting firm Ovum about the mindset of C-Suite showed some interesting revelations on their attitudes towards cybersecurity.
Some highlights from the article are:

  • Executives are aware that cyberthreats are increasing (62 per cent of respondents expect an increase in the rates of attacks in the next year).
  • Executives are complacent, with less than 50 per cent expecting investment in cybersecurity to increase this year.
  • Yet, 84 per cent of respondents think that senior management has adequate focus on breach prevention and cybersecurity.
  • Only 6 per cent of executives considered their cybersecurity below industry standard and 25 per cent thought they were at the top of the game, which, according to the article, indicates “many are being over-optimistic – a stance that suggests complacency.”

The article suggests two takeaways: to be objective when assessing cybersecurity efforts, and that “no one can say they’ll never be breached and so transfer or mitigation of risk should not be undervalued.”