Both Sides Now

A report released by the Business Continuity Institute has shown a continued gender pay-gap within the business continuity industry. The Global Salary Benchmarking Report represents the outputs of a study of more than 1,000 professionals from the business continuity and resilience fields, and intends to provide a representative description of the remuneration packages received by those in the industry, as measured by salary, bonuses, or benefits. The report also provides breakdowns by regions, covering the USA, UK, Europe, Australasia and North America.

Across all examined areas, the gendered pay-gap was observed, with males typically seeing higher earnings:

  • With age, marginal differences between the ages of 18-34, expanding to 25% between the ages of 45-64.
  • With experience, as females shifted from receiving higher salaries in the 0-9 years category, to males receiving higher salaries in all other experience categories
  • By region, with males receiving higher salaries in seven of the eight regions, including an average salary 64% higher than females in the Europe region.

“As a profession we need to do more to ensure that there is diversity and equality,” observes David Thorp, executive director of the BCI. “We should not have barriers in place that exclude 50% of the population from wanting to be a business continuity and resilience professional, and clearly taking home less pay at the end of the month is a barrier.”