Minor Emergency

It’s not only adults that need to think about emergency preparedness. To help kids better understand the needs and importance of emergency preparedness and disaster planning, a group of middle schoolers in Darien, CT recently attended Zombie Apocalypse Training, at the Darien Library, according to the Darien News Online.

Intended to help them pick up useful life skills, the training encouraged the teens to think about the sort of things they’d need to survive after a disaster, and to produce a list of 10 critical items they would want in those conditions, as well as to think about where to best store these items, what to do in the event of power outages, and what places in and around town would be best to seek shelter.

Said teen services librarian Mia Orobona of the session, “What they’re secretly doing is things they can do to prepare for a disaster. I figured we could give them ultimate life skills.”