Going Underground

As North Korea continues to announce missile tests, Hawaii has announced a public campaign to encourage residents to prepare for a potential nuclear attack, according to CBS News. Noting it could take less than 20 minutes for a nuclear missile to reach Hawaii, state officials are planning to ensure continuity of government. Said State Representative Gene Ward, "The first thing that we are responsible for is the security of our people. At least to keep the government running, and that's the important part of it." 

To that measure, work is being done to identify potential underground bunkers where both people and resources could be held, focusing on the networks of tunnels under Diamond Head used by the military, with the state's emergency operation center running in a nearby underground bunker.

Observed retired General Vern Miyagi, current head of Hawaii's emergency management agency, "What we're focused on right now is shelter in place. The idea is to figure out ahead of time where you are, where your family is, and what is the best type of shelter that they can get to at that time of the day."