Terrifying Lessons

With it being the season for frights and scares with recent Halloween festivities, PR Daily offers up a quick list of lessons that can be learned from some classic horror and suspense films:

  • From Psycho, remember to stay on your path -- don't let yourself wander, and avoid the unknown;
  • From Scream, be aware of your environment -- learn about what's around you, and anticipate what might soon happen
  • For Panic Room, consider your options -- consider both the plan you're using, and the possible alternatives or backups, in case they're needed;
  • With The Fall of The House of Usher, recognize that you may need to start over -- if a strategy fails, it may not be possible to put a patch on it, and instead a complete rebuild may be required;
  • For Halloween, understand the need for persistence -- recognize that success is often a matter of making that extra attempt;
  • From The Others, know your limits -- without awareness of your flaws, you may find that many of your problems are of your own causing.