Dirty Bomb - What are the options?

Medical countermeasures, if included in preparedness plans and procedures, could significantly improve recovery after an event such as a dirty (nuclear) bomb. William Bullard offers insights for this critical emergency management issue.

The paper published in Drug Development Research can be accessed here.

WIlliam Bullard has a background in public health emergency mananagement, health security policy and medical countermeasure systems, policy and operations. He is currently responsible for two radiation medical countermeasures in North America for the German pharmaceutical company hameln pharma plus. Calcium and Zinc DTPA is an injection drug used to eliminate plutonium, curium and americium from the body after exposure to a variety of emergencies including a dirty bomb act of terrorism.

Mr. Bullard is a strategic emergency management and public health preparedness consultant and lives with his family in New York.

He can be reached at Bullard.william@gmail.com