The Basics of Crisis Response

When a crisis hits, there's often rarely much in the way of advance warning, so it's important to always be considering how your company would handle a crisis response. While many larger companies already have plans in place, and people dedicated to focusing on such tasks, the first thought a smaller organization may have about how to respond may be too late. To help with preparing a response in the event of a crisis, the PR Matters column at Business Mirror has put together a list of key things to consider. Described as the five Cs, and based on an article written Ian James Wright for PR News, the items to consider when dealing with a crisis statement are:

  1. Certainty: state clearly what you know, and be open about what you don't know
  2. Compassion: address those who have been affected by the crisis
  3. Concern: indicate what actions have already been taken, and which parties have been contacted
  4. Collaboration: clarify any involvement of other parties in resolving or investigating the issue, and how your organization is supporting their actions
  5. Control: confirm what actions will be taken to follow up on the crisis, to reduce the risk of a similar event occurring again.

While these steps won't guarantee a perfect resolution to a crisis, they will allow for a clear statement as to the initial response.