Evolving Attacks

As each year reveals a changing set of threats to cybersecurity, whether through newly discovered exploits or variations on previous techniques and attacks, two columnists offer their takes on what businesses and individuals should be considering when planning their cybersecurity needs.

Patrick Stump, CEO and founder of Roku Security, proposes the next evolution of cyberthreats will focus around such items as:

  • Browser based cryptocurrency miners, in which malicious scripts are installed on websites, to remotely take advantage of your spare computing power for monetary gain
  • Binding Minerware with Ransomware, to hijack entire networks for cryptocurrency mining
  • Increasing attacks on IoT devices, targeting microphones, cameras, and items storing financial or personal information

Comparatively, Dennis Sebayan, writing for ITGovernanceUSA, discusses the potential risks caused by:

  • The increasing adaptation of artificial intelligence tools within cybercrime, for phishing attacks or the tricking of existing security programs
  • Further circumvention of password protections, as hackers continue to use increased computing power to crack hashed password sets
  • Aggressive attacks on cloud based storage, as companies and individuals upload an increasing amount of critical data more broadly storage locations