The Lessons of Irma

Following up on Broward County's efforts to respond to Hurricane Irma, a draft report from the county's emergency staff has offered a preliminary view into the issues encountered at the time, and potential corrective actions to ensure a better level of preparedness in the future.

Broken down into 34 issues, the report addresses such items as ensuring protocols are in place to grant access to private databases to delegates in the event key personnel are unavailable due to emergencies, establishing a status board to ensure nursing homes and assisted-living facilities are able to continue to safely provide for residents in the event of a power interruption, and increasing the priority for power restoration to these facilities.

A noted omission from the report was the decision to issue an evacuation order for the region east of Federal Highway, which was said to have caught city leaders off guard, and put additional strains on law enforcement, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Said assistant county manager handling public safety, Alphonso Jefferson, of the report "This is the opportunity for us to get better. Things happen out there in real-time situations and you have to adjust very quickly. Our goal was to identify what those issues were and actually have a plan in place or modify our plans to address that situation."