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Active Shooter Preparedness: Research Report
July 2017 | Everbridge and Emergency Management and Safety Solutions

The “Active Shooter Preparedness” research was conducted in July, 2016. A total of 888 organizations were surveyed about their safety plans and ability to manage an active shooter situation. The goal of this research was to gain insight into the security challenges facing tod [ ... ]

Active Shooters and the Evolving Threat Environment
July 2017 | Administrator
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Active Shooters and the Evolving Threat Environment
By Andrew Woods This opinion piece conveys the perspective of a UK-based author on the current state of security and terrorism issues across the globe. The piece conveys the perspective of a  [ ... ]

The Importance of Design Teams in Creating a Targeted Cyber Breach Exercise
August 2016 | Administrator
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The Importance of Design Teams in Creating a Targeted Cyber Breach Exercise By Regina Phelps Businesses and organizations defend against unending attempts to steal their computer data or damage their systems. Few, however, have serious plans f [ ... ]

Supply Chain Risk
August 2016 | Administrator
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Supply Chain Risk By Lyndon Bird The exact nature of Organizational Resilience and how it differs from traditional Business Continuity has generated much heated debate and very few definite conclusions over the past five years. One concept mos [ ... ]

Dumb Crisis Comments
June 2016 | Administrator
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Dumb Crisis Comments By James Lukaszewski Once a crisis occurs, the bloviating begins, mostly by PR people. Most of these uninformed comments leave the erroneous impression that if you do maybe three things right, quickly; the problem is over  [ ... ]

Effective Business Continuity: Program vs Plan
March 2016 | TJ Heginbotham

Many organizations think that effective business continuity planning is synonymous with great plan documentation. It’s not. Yes, plan documentation is extremely important. BUT… many organizations fail to recognize that effective business continuity plans – and truly prepa [ ... ]

Terrorism: Business Continuity, Behaviour and Barriers
March 2016 | Peter Power

Peter Power considers how recent attacks have altered views on terrorism and considers the role that BCM can play in countering the threat to life it poses   In the closing months of 2015, two particular acts of terror in different western countries had an important effect on  [ ... ]

How Businesses Can Build Resilience by Design
December 2015 | Joseph Fiksel

  The following is an excerpt from the book Resilient by Design by Joseph Fiksel: from Chapter 1, “Embracing Change”   What is resilience? As managers grapple with the challenges of climate change and volatility in a hyper-connected, global economy, they are paying incr [ ... ]

Standard Operating Procedures: Program Documentation That Helps Drive Repeatable Results
November 2015 | Jake Hay

  Designing a governance structure and describing its intended performance in the form of program documentation is the first step to ensure your business continuity program produces repeatable results that align to stakeholder expectations. According to the Business Continuity [ ... ]