Human Concerns
How Do You Create A Personal Property Inventory When Everything Is Gone?
January 2014 | Sean M. Scott
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Credit: Bob McMillan/FEMA
Each year disasters cause multitudes across the U.S. to lose their homes and personal property. Whether it’s a wide scale disaster like a tornado, wildfire, or hurricane, or a smaller event like a house fire or pipe burst, people need to k [ ... ]

Personal/Family Preparedness
January 2014 | Ted Brown
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Credit: Jennifer Smits/FEMA
It’s remarkable that the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Industry still thinks recovery is about technology. Well, of course the recovery of technology is imperative. But why is it that organizations say their most important as [ ... ]

Managing the Human Side of a Disaster
February 2014 | Vali Hawkins Mitchell and Kristen Noakes-Fry
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A veteran carpenter would tell you that a hammer and a nail never change, but what you build over the decades will be different as creative designs change. Disasters are disasters, emergencies are emergencies, and some of the tools to manage them will be basic, stab [ ... ]

Social Media Risk Monitoring: Don’t Let Your Company Be Gazopted
June 2012 | Karen Masullo

*Gazopt: the act of having your reputation, your brand, your message, your identity, or a confidential communication co-opted by an unauthorized person or by one who is violating a confidence or trust. Social media magnifies business impacts in disasters and crises. It is no lon [ ... ]

Q&A on Social Media and Crisis Management ― An Interview with Oliver S. Schmidt
June 2012 | Oliver S. Schmidt (interview with)
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While social media offers new ways to communicate, it must be systematically monitored to enable effective social media use in times of crisis. following is a Q&A session with Oliver S. Schmidt, managing partner of C4CS. Q: Mr. Schmidt, how do you define social [ ... ]

Hunting the Black Swans in Your Continuity Program: Quarry #1 ― Employee Availability
June 2012 | Kathleen Lucey
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This is the first in an ongoing series regarding hunting and mastery of the black swans in your continuity program. Read the Continuity egUidE (1st Wednesday of each month) for more black swans. Those of us who manage complex Business Continuity and Emergency Manag [ ... ]