Information Availability & Security
Sony Hack: Business Continuity Lessons
January 2015 | Jeffrey Roman

By Jeffrey Roman New comments from the CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment about the film studio's response in the immediate aftermath of a massive cyber-attack highlight the need for all organizations to ensure their business continuity plans specifically address cyber-attack ri [ ... ]

The WAN’s the Thing
January 2014 | Jon Toigo
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If you want to send chills up the spine of cloud vendors and consumers alike, just say the word Nirvanix. Once declared a comer in the “new” world of infrastructure (storage, backup, archive...) as a service, Nirvanix garnered considerable venture capital ($70 m [ ... ]

Information Security and Public Cloud Computing
January 2014 | Dr. Jim Kennedy
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If you asked a group of ten or more IT practitioners or business people what cloud computing is, they would probably give ten different answers. Each would have an answer consistent with his own specific perceptions. Public cloud computing is a term that has been a [ ... ]

What Answers Do BC Planners Need from Their Cyber Security Team?
January 2014 | Ron LaPedis
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Some experts say there is a thin line between disaster recovery and business continuity planning (BCP). The first is owned by the computer operations or IT department, while the second is usually owned by the line of business. Unfortunately, BCP and cyber security are, more often [ ... ]

Challenges for Continuity Planning 2014
January 2014 | Jon Toigo
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For 2014 and the foreseeable future, trends in business continue to favor increased dependency on information technology. Truth be told, while some of the economic circumstances that accompanied the Great Recession have begun to recede, fewer staff continue to shoul [ ... ]

The Importance of Cyber Security Within Your Organization
June 2012 | Ted Brown
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You know that Cyber Security is an important Business Continuity Planning (BCP)/COOP issue, but like everything else in the BCP/COOP world, unless you get buy-in across the board, Cyber Security policies and procedures will be ignored. So the purpose of this articl [ ... ]

You Can’t Afford To Overlook Security Incident Response
June 2012 | Kevin Beaver
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Incident response – the art and science of responding to computer and network security breaches – is an often overlooked component of business continuity. For whatever reasons, the procedures associated with handling network intrusions and insider shenanigans ar [ ... ]

The Anatomy of a Disaster (and how to prevent one)
June 2012 | Ross Clurman
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The word disaster should not be thought of as literal in the term “Disaster Recovery Planning,” but instead as more of a generic term for “downtime.” And, no business owner likes downtime, because time lost usually translates to money lost. So, when plannin [ ... ]

Information Availability: How to Utilize and Reference Architecture
June 2012 | Damian Walch
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In the preponderance of the organizations we support, a key impediment to effective Disaster Recovery is the fact that it is an afterthought in the system lifecycle – rather than a component of the overall solution architecture. This results in tactical Disaster  [ ... ]

The State of Disaster Recovery 2012
June 2012 | Jon Toigo
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New Technologies – Champions on a White Horse. Really? A survey released last year by PricewaterhouseCoopers showed a decline in disaster preparedness among the companies polled. The percentage of firms claiming to have tested disaster recovery plans had declined  [ ... ]