Telecom & Satcom
Why Do I Need a Satellite Service or Devices?
January 2014 | Peter Zawistowski
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Credit: Michael Rieger/FEMA
Some believe that satellites are too expensive, too technical and not practical for an emergency situation. Disasters can occur anywhere and anytime. It is critical to maintain communications for successful disaster or emergency resp [ ... ]

Three Satellite Options: What Are Your Requirements?
January 2014 | Administrator
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What will it cost for your organization to use satellites in emergency situations? The following comments and accompanying chart can be a starting point for your evaluation of satellites. The Publisher sought input from a number of industry experts, and the chart is an attempt to [ ... ]

Research Report: Ka-Band Satellite Communications
January 2014 | Jay E. Puitz and Bill Menezes
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This information comes from the Gartner Hype Cycle for Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Management, 2013. Definition: Ka-band satellite communication (satcom) services are designed to augment and replace Ku-band very small aperture terminal ( [ ... ]

Police Emergency Disaster Alerts Used to Assist Law Enforcement Agencies
December 2013 | Michael Leiva
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A tornado has been spotted in a residential section of town, the emergency tornado sirens are going off but still some people are unaware or driving on the road. A severe thunderstorm brings 8 inches of water to the adjacent town causing its dams to break and now the river is f [ ... ]