Preparedness Tips for Small Businesses

Closing shop for just one day can mean huge financial losses for a small business. Those that take the time to put together a plan, just in case, are much more likely to resume operations after a disaster with minimal loss.

In an article on the Rochester Business Journal website, Franklin J. Sciortino says about 75 percent of small-business owners have a plan to get employees back to work in the days following a business interruption, and roughly 28 percent have access to alternative office space, according to a survey by Agility Recovery Solutions. But America’s small-business community “needs to build on those numbers and find new ways to prepare for whatever might come our way,” Sciortino writes.

The article lists several easy ways for small-business owners to prepare for a business interruption. These include calculating how much money it would take to cover a shutdown for a day or even up to a month; having a comprehensive emergency contact list; and brainstorming to identify the biggest conceivable risk in the vicinity of the business.

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