FCC Launches SMB Security Web Site

The FCC has unveiled a new Website geared toward helping small businesses improve their cybersecurity. According to the new site, at http://www.fcc.gov/cyberforsmallbiz, “Every business that uses the Internet is responsible for creating a culture of security that will enhance business and consumer confidence.”

Also included on the site are links to vendor, nonprofit and government resources, all for small businesses to use in helping them determine the best ways to protect their assets on the World Wide Web. Below is the FCC’s Top Ten Cybersecurity list of tips for small businesses included on the site:

1. Training your employees in security procedures is important and might even require retraining every so often.

2. Keeping your anti-virus protection and spyware up to date is important in protecting your computers, networks and information from malicious code, spyware and viruses.

3. Make sure you also use a firewall to provide security for your Internet connection.

4. Update your software for your operating systems and applications often.

5. Backup your important business data and information weekly.

6. Control who has access to your computers and any network components, especially laptops which are easily stolen.

7. Always secure and hide your Wi-Fi network if you have one.

8. Each individual employee should have his own user account.

9. Access to data and information by employees should be limited, with software installation only allowed by authorized individuals.

10. Require password changes at least once every three months.

For more information about the new FCC’s small business cybersecurity Website, visit: