Christchurch Businesses Saved by the Cloud

Soon after a devastating earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand, on February 22, many businesses were back up and running. These companies had data stored in the cloud. One such company was, according to a report by Vera Alves.

Ben Ridler, CEO of blogged that in spite of not being able to physically access the company’s office for weeks following the earthquake, business continuity was ensured by the cloud. is a OneNet customer.

“We know of many companies in Christchurch whose information is on servers they can’t access or which have been destroyed,” he wrote in the blog. “While this was not our reason for being in the cloud, our ability to continue operating almost immediately has been a huge benefit to our Christchurch team and their clients.”

Intergen faced possible business disruption at its Christchurch office. The company might have been down for weeks, but thanks to moving to the cloud in 2010, Intergen suffered minimal disruption.

Fronde’s CEO Ian Clarke also attributed the cloud to his customers’ survival. “The cloud helped hugely,” he said, as quoted in the article. “There was no disruption for businesses in the cloud. It’s a tremendous asset, especially combined with mobile network.”

Clarke pointed out how the earthquake’s aftermath actually helped highlight “the fact that you can have a lot more resilience in the cloud.”

According to IDC analyst Ullrich Loeffler, more New Zealand businesses will move to the cloud rather than reinvesting in their own IT systems.

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