Obama Administration Unveils Online ID System

After a recent announcement by the U.S. government to potentially create a national online identity system in an effort to combat cyber crime, some feel the heat of Big Brother’s eyes getting uncomfortably closer. Even while Commerce Secretary Gary Locke insists this system is not a government-sanctioned plan to spy on Web users, some aren’t so sure. In this Daily Mail article, author David Gardner writes about the new plan’s possibilities and the worries that surround them.

The government’s plan is outlined in this White House report on the  “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace: Enhancing Online Choice, Efficiency, Security, and Privacy,” which was released this month.

According to Secretary Locke, the NSTIC plan would mean people would no longer have to remember a variety of different passwords to do business and social networking online, which he said leaves consumers unprotected against cyber attack. More than 8 million people were victims of online identity thieves last year, costing $27 billion, according to Commerce Department figures.

“Passwords just won’t cut it here,” Locke said as quoted in the Daily Mail article. “We must do more to help consumers protect themselves, and we must make it more convenient than remembering dozens of passwords.”

Locke said that by using a single identification via software on a cell phone, a keychain fob, or some other device, the Web will be easier and safer to navigate. While the NSTIC program would be voluntary, some speculate that at some point in the future, a majority of consumers will end up using the system.

Although the system is not operational yet, Locke said Microsoft, IBM, the Secure ID Coalition, and Wave Systems Corp are developing ways to make the system efficient and effective.

For more information about the new NSTIC ID system, read the full article:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1377479/Obama-administration-unveils-national-

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