GIS Maps Location of County Employees for Emergency Response

Miami-Dade County, Florida, is pilot testing a new employee locator device that could aid in coordinating responses to future disasters, according to Government Technology magazine author Corey McKenna. The departments involved in the test include the Enterprise Technology Services Department (ETSD), the Department of Solid Waste, and the General Services Administration.

The new application plots where county employees live and work on a map that’s searchable by an employee’s identification number, name, address, or ZIP code. In addition to plotting locations on a map, the application provides information on employees’ job titles, what languages they speak, and any special skills they may have.

According to the article, “All information captured by the system is provided by employees through updates to the county’s BlueBook system, which houses employees’ profiles and contact information. The BlueBook information can be used by the Department of Emergency Management to assign roles in responding to a disaster. All employees not designated as essential to department operations or the Emergency Operations Center are required to assist in the county’s disaster response.”

Department officials who are piloting the application believe it will allow them to predict what areas of the county a disaster, such as a hurricane, might impact and then shift resources to provide the best response. The department will also incorporate information from the employee locator into an upcoming update to its emergency operations plan.

The county hopes to fully deploy the system by the start of this year’s hurricane season.

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