Five Ways to Lock Out Cyber Criminals

In this article on creating a concrete lock-down process to protect against cyber criminals, AVG security expert Lloyd Borrett says small business must pay more attention to potential threats.

“Cyber criminals will turn your most valuable assets against you,” Borrett said in the article. “That same Internet connection you use to make financial transactions can let in a Trojan horse. The iPhone and Android smart phones your workers use to communicate with each other could be used to gain access to sensitive company documents. The social media channels you use to engage customers can be hijacked and used to harm your reputation. How can you arm yourself with the digital tools you and your workforce need to succeed without those very same tools being used against you?”

Borrett advises that businesses closely monitor five “doorways” through which cyber criminals gain access to critical company data:

1) Social networks and community bad spirits: Use link-scanning technology to ensure shared links and files are checked and safe.

2) Instant messaging and spam chat: Don’t use an email address that can be easily identified by your IM username.

3) Insider threats right under your nose: Conduct background checks on potential employees, especially IT and technical staff.

4) Don’t lose remote control: To close this security hole, prevent staff from using their own machines.

5) USB sticks and smartphones: Removable devices can be automatically checked using business security software or users can choose to run a manual scan before accessing any of the files on the stick.

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