Top Attacks Business Will Face in 2011

According to a recent article, experts point to social site exploitation and data breaches as areas of ongoing concern. For instance, security consultant Ed Skoudis said that social networking will be the attacker platform of choice in 2011. He advised to be especially wary of popular social and business media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. He also warned that businesses must watch for attacks that utilize memory-scraping, hardware hacking, and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) exploitation.

Why social media? According to Skoudis, attackers like social media because users almost always provide their personal information when creating site accounts. And there are also several “attack vehicles” within social media sites, including posting links to malicious sites and applications that ask for detailed personal information about users and their friends.

The best defense, according to Skoudis, is for businesses and individuals to become educated on the dangers of disclosing information of any kind on social sites. He also advised that businesses establish an official presence on these sites to prevent fake site accounts from popping up. Careful monitoring of these accounts is also recommended to prevent slanderous statements from infiltrating a company’s or individual’s profile.

Automated threats through search engine optimization to promote malicious site links are also on the rise, according to Johannes Ullrich, head of the SANS Internet Storm Center. “Attackers are also using browser history to make social engineering scams more plausible by linking to previously-visited sites or using malicious pop-ups related to victim’s interests,” the Computer Weekly article quoted Ullrich as saying.

To combat this rising trend, Ullrich suggested that businesses use DNS monitoring to detect malware used on social networking and other sites.

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