Saving Your Animals' Lives in an Emergency

In a fast-moving disaster scenario, residences are often put on evacuation lists while their owners are away at work or otherwise engaged. When that happens, first responders and volunteers must step in to rescue pets and livestock left behind.

This local newspaper article highlights a course being offered for the first time in British Columbia through the auspices of Noah’s Wish Foundation. The organization, which originated in Sacramento, was established in Canada in 2003.

Providing safe transportation for pets in a disaster and having a place to take them is crucial to successful animal rescues, says area coordinator Pam Legault. She spent a month after Hurricane Katrina working in a shelter that housed more than 700 rescued and displaced animals. 
“It was rewarding,” said Legault. While many of the animals went to foster families, Legault remembers one pet owner, a big guy who was 6’6” crying when he found his cats,” the article says.

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