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MICHAEL BROWN WEBINAR How will Obama's new administration impact the Department of Homeland Security? Join Michael Brown, former FEMA director, as he discusses directives under the new DHS chief and other homeland security issues. Sponsored by 3n. Click HERE>>

When the Power Went Out... Toyota's Plan Kept the Supply Chain Moving. Jerry L'Hommedieu shares on his organization's experience in battling with the effects of Hurricane Ike and the lessons learned from it. How will your supply chain fare when the moment of truth arrives? Click HERE>>
Learn what Incident Readiness requires, and how eBRP Toolkit Suite can help your organization. eBRP Solutions.

The Economic Downturn and Our Industry
We want to hear from you. How is the economic downturn affecting you, your company, and your BC/DR/EM programs? What programs remain intact or are growing? What programs are being cut? Do you have any observations and insights to share? Click HERE>>.

Peanut Butter Recall Affects Disaster Recovery in Arkansas and Kentucky
Earlier last week, acting FEMA head Nancy Ward touted the gains the agency's made in its disaster response in Kentucky. But did the peanut butter recall undo all those gains? Click HERE>>

California Students Being Trained in Disaster Response
Students at University of California in Berkeley are at the forefront of disaster response, as they are being trained to help mitigate damage in the event of an earthquake. Click HERE>>

E-Verify Requirement in Stimulus Plan Sparks Controversy
A proposal in President Obama's economic stimulus that could see funding attached to the DHS's E-Verify program is proving to be a bit controversial. Click HERE>>

"Miracle on the Hudson" Highlights Emergency Role for Ferries
One of the lessons we can learn from US Airways Flight 1549's miracle landing on the Hudson River is the critical role water transit plays in emergency response. Click HERE>>

Does Wireless Security Still Matter?
IT managers know the risks of wireless technology. But if a lazy administrator installs an access point, then forgets about it, does wireless security even matter anymore? Click HERE>>

Face-blurring Technology in CCTV Systems Could Protect Privacy
Closed circuit televisions are everywhere, and are a key way to improve physical security. But they have privacy implications as well. Could new technology help? Click HERE>>

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MIR3 is the Leader in Mass Notification Systems Originally purposed for emergency and BC/DR, alert notifications are used across all industries for a variety of communication needs. Click Here and see how our solution can help your business.

BUSINESS SURVIVAL™: your source for timely, comprehensive news, plus the latest books and resources on BC, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management, Emergency Management, Service Level Agreements, Root Cause Analysis from Rothstein Associates. Click HERE>>.

April 27 - 29, Chicago. The Gartner BC Mgmt. Summit will focus on 3 important "how to's": improve operations availability and recovery; move from BC to business resiliency; grow the maturity and optimize costs of your continuity mgmt. programs. Click HERE>>

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Spacenet Helps H-E-B Deliver Disaster Relief to Hurricane-Stricken Communities
McLean, VA - Spacenet Inc., provider of satellite networking solutions, announced that H-E-B, one of the nation's largest food retailers, deployed Spacenet's high-performance Connexstar satellite services to provide an emergency communication network in support of disaster-relief efforts during severe weather conditions. The services enable rapid deployment of completely converged communications to support voice, video and broadband data via satellite. Click HERE>>

Avalution Webinar Program
Cleveland, OH - Beginning February 26th and throughout 2009, Avalution will be hosting a series of webinars to further explore BC challenges and strategies specific to a variety of industries. Because BC is a lifecycle-oriented process, two webinars will be hosted for each chosen industry - one specific to companies thinking about starting their program, and one specific to companies looking to maximize the value of an existing business continuity program. Click HERE>>

Convault Manufactures Protected Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Slovakia and distributes worldwide. Convault announces that its tank has recently been evaluated for Blast Resistance to Vapor Cloud Explosions and Terrorist Bombs. Convault AST's are bulletproof, fire resistant, vehicle impact resistant, and secondarily contained. They are used for vehicle fueling, private and government fleet fueling, and backup generator fuel supply. Click HERE>>

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