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Backing Up the Data Center Podcast with Gartner Research VP Dave Russell. Learn new techniques and options for backup outside of the data center, how to modernize recovery processes and how companies have leveraged new technologies in their modernization efforts. Click HERE>>
MIR3 provides automated notification system solutions for business-wide communications, including IT and business continuity.

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911 Standard Could Speed Emergency Response
A new standard will see alarm companies automatically transmit alerts to 911 call centers instead of having to call them, potentially eliminating 32 million calls nationally. Click HERE>>

Don't Ignore Disaster Recovery Testing
IT budgets might be tight, but that doesn't mean you should overlook testing your disaster recovery plans, says one expert. Click HERE>>

DHS Getting Better at Communications, State Officials Say
State homeland security directors are more satisfied than ever with their communications with the DHS, according to a new survey. Click HERE>>

Budget Cuts Could Pose Bigger Threat to IT Reliability Than Y2K
Will the economic downturn do what Y2K never did? Does it have the potential to disrupt data center operations? Click HERE>>

New Airport Security Rules to Require More Personal Information
Air travel in this country is about to get a little more personal, as a new TSA program aims to take personal data from passengers in a bid to improve security. Click HERE>>

Emergency Responders Need Equipment Compatibility, DHS Official Says
Interoperable communications has been buzzword in EM circles for years. The technology exists, but we're just not using it, says one high-ranking DHS official. Click HERE>>

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Comprehensive BC Management Program book is a complete program for business that includes advice for all development. Planning can be extremely overwhelming... But this book makes it easy for you! Standard language enables quick review. Click HERE>>

CPM West.
Las Vegas: May 12 - 14. This training event will provide you with a complete risk management education, as well as opportunities to network with your peers. Over 60 sessions on key issues and strategies. Click HERE>>

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Business Continuity Institute Announces Inaugural 'Global BC Awareness Week'
London, UK - March 23 - 27 - With an eye toward raising overall awareness of business continuity, disaster recovery and resiliency around the world, the BCI has partnered with other business continuity management companies such as The British Standards Institution (BSI) and Gartner Inc., to produce and host a series of free Webinars and virtual meetings which will include surveys, white papers, case studies and business impact analysis processes. Click HERE>>

SunGard Availability Services Conference Provides Best Practices and Tutorials
San Diego, CA - April 5-8 - The event features sessions on building plans, incident management and cyber security. Themed "The Future is Now," it will focus on forward-looking industry trends and best practice techniques, along with SunGard's solutions and software tools for BCM. The sessions will help planners gain insights into understanding current and future threats to business continuity and how to take steps to better prepare their organizations. Click HERE>>

IAFC and SkyTerra Publish Information Paper on Communications Interoperability
Reston, VA - This is an extensive information paper on the Satellite Mutual Aid Radio Talkgroup Program (SMART(TM)) and how it enables and improves interoperable communications for public safety operations. A SMART(TM) Model for Interoperable Communications, it gives an in-depth look at the network of nationwide and regional talkgroups that provide effective, interoperable communications for pubic safety and emergency response operations. Click HERE>>

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