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Curb the Costs of Crisis Update your DR plan to incorporate innovations in crisis communication and ensure faster recovery of business operations. In this Dell white paper, Managing Through a Disaster to Recovery, learn to achieve rapid resolutions to crisis events. Click HERE>>

Is Your Data at Risk in the Cloud? Learn about the different types of cloud storage there are and the strategies and challenges associated with keeping your data in the cloud. Discover where to apply this technology in your environment. Cameron Bahar shares. Click HERE>>
Gartner Business Continuity Management Summit, April 27-29, Chicago

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Local Police Want Better Sharing of Intelligence
When it comes to counterterrorism, should homeland security intelligence share information with local law enforcement agencies? The local agencies think they should. Click HERE>>

Hackers Are Penetrating Industrial Control Systems, Expert Says
Hackers have breached the networks that power industrial control systems more than 125 times in the past decade. Could this put critical infrastructure at risk? Click HERE>>

Peanuts, Layoffs and Politics: How Crisis Communications Can Help
Whether its peanut recalls, job layoffs or political scandals, it seems the news is filled with companies going into crisis mode. How can good crisis communication help? Click HERE>>

Job Number One for New Federal CIO: Balance Openness with Security
President Obama has appointed the country's first ever federal government CIO, tasked with improving performance and lowering the cost of government operations. Click HERE>>

Funding, Partnerships and Fire Administrator on Napolitano's Front Burner
What's on DHS secretary Janet Napolitano's to-do list? She says its improved intergovernmental partnerships, grant funding and a new fire administrator for FEMA. Click HERE>>

IRS Improves Cybersecurity, But Still Vulnerable to Malware
The IRS has improved its cybersecurity since it received a dismal review from the inspector general in 2008, but it is still leaving taxpayer information at risk. Click HERE>>

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Principles and Practices of Business Continuity.
This book explores the subject of BC Management: from basic principles to best practices. Learn development, delivery, exercise and maintenance of an effective BC program. Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline
New Website!

The Deskit - An individual kit with Velcro fasteners to allow storage on the inner side of a desk for easy access during an emergency. Compact, lightweight with 72-hours of support for one person. Click HERE>>

National Disaster Reconstruction Conference & Expo June 17 - 18, 2009. New Orleans, LA. The first event working to consolidate the industries which comprise the entire Disaster Preparation, Response, Recovery, and Rebuilding cycle! Click HERE>>

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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

Spacenet Expands Satellite Communications Options for Government Organizations
McLean, VA - Spacenet Inc.introduces its new Cisco integrated Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 certified encryption solution over satellite. The FIPS certified solution from Cisco and Spacenet provides new satellite communications options to government customers, including services for CONUS based Department of Defense agencies and backhaul services between EMEA and the U.S. utilizing their existing Cisco infrastructure. Click HERE>>

Telecommunicator Turn-Over Rate Reaches 19 Percent
Alexandria, VA - The Assn. of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International released a follow-up report to its Project RETAINS (Responsive Efforts to Assure Integral Needs in Staffing), which finds the national telecommunicator turn-over rate at 19%, an increase of 3% since the initial study and higher than the better-known turn-over rates of nurses and teachers. The report includes guidelines to estimate the appropriate staffing levels for dispatchers. Click HERE>>

PERI Releases New Book on Community Recovery in the Aftermath of Disaster
Fairfax, VA - "Managing for Long-Term Community Recovery in the Aftermath of Disaster." This insightful new book is designed to help local officials and community leaders understand what is required for long-term recovery following a disaster. It is the result of years of cumulative research in dozens of communities that have experienced extreme events to determine what it takes for a community to truly recover. Click HERE>>

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