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Jon Toigo helps the T-Rexxers site (a community established for mainframers) get back up and running. "T-Rexxers" once implied that newer technologies ("open" systems) were displacing Big Iron. Jon comments on the trend back to mainframes and what needs to be done. Click HERE>>
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GUIDE MARKETPLACE..... Spotlight on Restoration Vendors
DR hinges on pre-planning. Having a pre-disaster relationship with a restoration vendor is an important 1st step. Pre-planning allows your vendor to understand your needs and gain familiarity with your physical infrastructure. Click HERE>> to link to the Online GUIDE's experts.

Real ID or Fake ID?
Several members of Congress are concerned about pending legislation, which, they say, would weaken provisions in the Real ID Act, signed into law after 9/11. What's your take?

Neighbor Helping Neighbor - Most Critical After Disaster According to FEMA
At a Nat'l Governors Assn meeting this week, FEMA administrator Craig Fugate spoke of the importance of private industries and community and faith-based organizations. Click HERE>>

Swine Flu: Enough Already?
Many people may not be worried about the Swine Flu very much, but experts are warning of a significant increase when kids go back to school. And a vaccine may not be ready. Click HERE>>

Over $7 Million for Cyber Security Research at Norwich University
School officials announce the funding for research on cyber security, including the development of programs and software for online cyber-security exercises. Click HERE>>

Enterprise Risk Management Value Questioned; Adoption Planning Drops
Senior executives are asking tough questions about ERM's cost and value. Senior executives want to know exactly how ERM adds value, according to a study by Marsh and RIMS. Click HERE>>

Are Senior Executives Blissfully Ignorant of Data Breach Risks?
In a article about a study released yesterday, it appears that CEOs are not as informed as other executives about serious cyber security risks. Click HERE>>

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Is Your Email at Risk of Downtime? Quickly assess your company's risk of email downtime and immediately obtain a personalized action plan to help you avoid costly email recovery and ensure resiliency in face of disaster. Click HERE>>

Small Business Plan Template Just fill in the blanks! DSPN offers a simple, affordable and self-paced template to combine business recovery plans with emergency response plans. Available in IBM® or Macintosh® in Microsoft Word® format. Click HERE>>

'09 Nat'l Conf. on Community Prep: The Power of Citizen Corps. Aug. 9-12. Arlington, VA. Hosted by FEMA's Community Prep. Div., the conference is intended to help communities become safer, stronger, and better prepared for all types of hazards. Click HERE>>

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PERI Promotes Emergency Management Education with Release of New Book
Fairfax, VA - The Public Entity Risk Institute, a nonprofit research institute focused on risk management training and education, has released a new book featuring the latest research and developments in emergency management. A compilation of presentations made by industry experts during the 2008 Annual Emergency Management in Higher Education Conference sponsored by FEMA. Thirteen papers from the conference are included. Click HERE>>

Indiana Track and Casino Bets on Standby Power System from MTU Onsite Energy
Anderson, IN - Out in corn country and at the end of a single power line, the track often experienced electrical brownouts and blackouts caused by summer storms and the growing demand for power in the area. When owners decided to add a casino, they didn't want to contend with continued outages. They turned to MTU Onsite Energy for a standby power system to keep the lights burning, the horses running and the electronic gaming machines dinging. Click HERE>>

Tips for Improving Information Availability from SunGard
Wayne, PA - CIOs and corporate IT departments face daily pressures to improve system and data availability while also balancing costs and risks for the IT infrastructure that runs critical business processes. These demands are pushing companies to be better prepared for IT disruptions and deliver more agile, effective responses to those disruptions. SunGard offers some tips to CIOs and IT managers as they look at ways to improve information availability. Click HERE>>

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