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Honeywell Instant Alert® is a Web based emergency notification system for schools, colleges, businesses and communities. Messages are delivered through telephones, cell phones, PDAs, pagers and computers. Hundreds of thousands of messages can be sent per hour. Click HERE>>

Transparent vulnerabilities are so obvious they are easily overlooked. They're the ones we: see when they're pointed out; recognize when we're made aware of them; often fail to acknowledge - leading to potentially significant consequences when the vulnerability is realized. Click HERE>>
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What Risk Managers Can Learn From Hackers
Last week's indictment of a team of hackers who stole millions of credit and debit card numbers is a sobering lesson to risk managers. Click HERE>>

Why Cell Phones Are a Bad Idea for 911
If you get a bad signal when calling 911, dispatch has to contact the carrier for your coordinates. And that's just one reason why responders could arrive too late. Click HERE>>

New Caribbean Partnership Tackles Disasters
All too often, island paradises get hit hard. That's why 19 Caribbean governments will benefit from a partnership that aims to mitigate the impact of natural disasters. Click HERE>>

New Guidelines Help Feds With Cybersecurity
New guidelines to be used by the entire U.S. federal government advise agencies on how to systematically arm themselves against threats to computers. Click HERE>>

Crying Wolf to 911
Paramedics aren't supposed to refuse help to anyone. It costs the whole country when tens of thousands of people take advantage of 911 for non-emergencies. Click HERE>>

Ouch - If You Value Privacy, Smartphones Can Smart
A nasty upgrade threatens smartphone privacy, as users discovered in the United Arab Emirates last month. Click HERE>>

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Make the Most of your Crisis Notification System During an emergency, one of the biggest challenges is to keep continuity of business and move swiftly from crisis mode to a managed situation. Download Dell's whitepaper to learn more. Click HERE>>

Over a million sold! YOU can HELP the people in your organization prepare. The Survival Kit I supplies basic necessities for the first 72 critical hours after a disaster. It provides single person essentials in a compact, durable pack. BUY NOW!

Corporate Security, BC & Crisis Management: Strategies to Limit and Protect Core Assets. Oct. 14-15, NYC. This conference will provide best practice and benchmarked components for comprehensive organizational preparedness and crisis leadership Click HERE>>

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Looking for a product or service? You have come to the right place! Click on the products of interest and link directly to hundreds of suppliers featured in the Online GUIDE.

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Take Varolii and Honeywell's 3rd Annual Survey and discover the latest trends in Emergency Preparedness, Security and Crisis Communications. See how your peers prepare and manage their organizations. Participants get a free copy of "Crisis Management: Mastering the Skills to Prevent Disasters." Hurry! Offer ends September 20th. Click HERE>>

New Models With 'Green' Features Added to Minuteman EnSpire Series UPSs
Dallas, TX - The EN750 and EN900 provide new "green" features and are ideal for home office and small to medium-sized businesses seeking value-priced power protection for their mission-critical devices. The units provide energy savings through two specific design features. Both features decrease the amount of electricity required to operate the UPS and the attached equipment, reducing both its carbon footprint and saving the user money. Click HERE>>

Managing Disasters with High-Tech Imaging Could Save Lives
Improving disaster response is one of the goals of the Information Products Laboratory for Emergency Response, a partnership between Rochester Institute of Technology and the University at Buffalo. The collaboration will foster research to improve disaster mitigation planning, real-time response and recovery efforts, and create potential business opportunities for the industry. Click HERE>>

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