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ICU Wards the Next H1N1 Battleground
For critical stage H1N1 patients, hospitals use highly skilled staff and high-tech beds to maximum capacity. ICUs warn others to prepare now for the next influx. Click HERE>>

President Could Control the Internet
A new version of a Senate bill would give the president authority to declare cybersecurity emergencies and temporarily seize control of private-sector networks. Click HERE>>

Traveler Laptops Will Still Be Searched
A new policy outlines how security officials are to search travelers' laptops and personal devices. Critics say these don't respect privacy any more than Bush-era procedures. Click HERE>>

Scientists Expose Router Security Weakness
Computer scientists have developed an attack that would make it possible to read encrypted traffic between computers and certain types of routers in one minute. Click HERE>>

Pool Resources for First Response, says FEMA
Emergency response is not just FEMA's responsibility, it requires "teamwork," says FEMA's administrator as he calls on responders and the public to be more involved. Click HERE>>

Techno Tips for Business Disaster Recovery
Consultant David Callery comments on post-Katrina technology and backup problems and offers a disaster recovery primer for businesses that have yet to cover all bases. Click HERE>>

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Looking for a product or service? You have come to the right place! Click on the products of interest and link directly to hundreds of suppliers featured in the Online GUIDE.

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Four Years After Katrina, Children Remain Vulnerable During Disasters
Washington, DC - Four years after Katrina, Save the Children's U.S. Programs found only seven states are meeting minimum standards to ensure schools and child-care facilities are prepared to respond to children's needs in a disaster. They have advocated states adopt basic safety standards that would reduce the amount of time children are separated from parents and minimize their risk of physical and emotional harm during and after a disaster. Click HERE>>

MADRA's Next Meeting Topic: Navigating the Financial Tsunami
McLean, VA - September 17th - The meeting's presentation takes an enterprise view of the financial and operational impacts, and provides a series of pragmatic recommendations to help organizations mitigate risks, survive the next 12 to 18 months and prepare for economic recovery and growth. Due to meeting logistics and coordination, please RSVP to MADRA by COB, September 11th. Click HERE>>

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