eGUIDE brought to you every Wednesday by the Disaster Resource Guide - September 16th, 2009

Pandemic Preparedness: Emergency Communications and Response Planning Join Dell and guest speaker Diane Harris from Southern Company for a live webinar on 09/30/09 10 AM Pacific. Diane will discuss their implementation plans and how they ensure the survivability of their services. Click HERE>>

Five Steps To Improving BC Now is the time to re-examine BC plans. By doing so, organizations can reduce the downside risk of interrupted business processes and prepare to utilize the upside potential and competitive advantage of continuous operations. Brian Turley explains. Click HERE>>
Corporate Security, BC & Crisis Management: Strategies to Limit and Protect Core Assets. Oct. 14-15, NYC.

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Bio-Threats More Likely Than Nuclear
Proposed legislation aims to fight the threat of bioterrorist attacks, which an anti-terrorist commission says are 'more likely than not' by 2013. Click HERE>>

911 vs. Facebook
Two children caught in a storm drain contacted Facebook, not emergency services, for help. Is the digital generation unaware of 911? Click HERE>>

Crossing Fingers Won't Deter Terror
8 years after 9-11, experts say we're lucky not to have had further attacks of that caliber. Others say careful attention has helped. All agree complacency is no option. Click HERE>>

Small Businesses a Big Disaster Casualty
In another 9-11 retrospective, James Carafano says small business will continue to feel acute pain if Washington doesn't offer more targeted support. Click HERE>>

Formaldehyde Trailers Take the Stand
After the 2005 hurricanes in New Orleans led to another disaster - the displacement of thousands of people to trailers with dangerous formaldehyde levels - court cases are starting. Click HERE>>

Making a Difference After Credit Card Breach
There is a way to make us less susceptible to credit card fraud. The CEO of Heartland Payment Systems has learned the hard way and urges for an encryption standard. Click HERE>>

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It's National Preparedness Month and the first item on FEMA's to-do list is GET A KIT. has great deals on kits for the car, office and home.

Family Kits starting at $126.95. Click HERE>>

CPM East. Orlando: Oct. 27 - 29. This training event will provide you with a complete risk management education, as well as opportunities to network with your peers. The best education is your best line of defense in crisis. Click HERE>>

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SkyTerra Confirms Filing for Broadband Stimulus Funds
Reston, VA - The filing by SkyTerra is with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for stimulus funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). SkyTerra's filing applied for funds from the NTIA's Sustainable Adoption Program, part of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Stimulus Program. SkyTerra's application will focus on increasing broadband adoption by the public safety community. Click HERE>>

Twenty First Century Communications, Strategic BCP Announce Strategic Alliance
Columbus, OH - The alliance is to help businesses and organizations worldwide recover quicker after any crisis-related downtime. The unprecedented combination of technology resulting from the alliance will accelerate the real-time status distribution of facilities, information technology, employees, and business operations, and help personnel make more informed, time-sensitive decisions that will ensure safety and mitigate business loss. Click HERE>>

TOPP Expands into Minneapolis!
Minneapolis, MN - TOPP Portable Air, a supplier of portable air conditioners, spot coolers, portable dehumidifiers and temporary heating equipment, opened a new office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is TOPP's 15th location. Two more offices are planned to open this year in San Francisco California and Denver, Colorado. The new office will allow the sales and rental specialists to better respond to customers' needs year round. Click HERE>>

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