eGUIDE brought to you every Wednesday by the Disaster Resource Guide - September 30th, 2009

SURVIVING THE PANDEMIC WEBINAR Can your business survive crippling absenteeism from an H1N1 outbreak? Pandemic communication expert Dr. Robert Chandler will address what to say to prevent panic and how to avoid business disruptions. Sponsored by Everbridge. Click HERE>>

Escape & Rescue from Submerged Vehicles Recent floods in Georgia claimed many lives. Become educated on the subject of escape and rescue from submerged vehicles. This week's expert is Gerald Dworkin, a professional aquatics safety and water rescue consultant. Click HERE>>
Corporate Security, BC & Crisis Management: Strategies to Limit and Protect Core Assets. Oct. 14-15, NYC.

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Nature Inspires Army of Computer Ants
Researchers are testing a new cybersecurity method that mimics ants in nature. Digital ants watch out for each other and gang up when there's a threat. Click HERE>>

NGOs Want Clearer 'Human Recovery' Role
A study says government fails to support non-profit groups in their post-disaster community work. Click HERE>>

Washington Ups Metro Surveillance
Commuters, aspiring terrorists and criminals riding buses and railcars in Washington will soon have to smile for the camera. Click HERE>>

Don't Fall for E-mail 'Census' Scam
People who want your SSN by email aren't always who they claim. Cybercriminals have dragged yet another innocent body - The US Census Bureau - into a phishing scam. Click HERE>>

University of California Videos Promote Preparedness
In the wake of wildfires, the Univ.of CA and the CA Preparedness Education Ntwk. present a video series on disaster preparedness. They're free online, starting Oct. 5. Click HERE>>

Conficker-Fighting Tips
An IT Professional offers helpful, humorous advice to offices that might soon face the exasperating Conficker virus. Click HERE>>

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Comprehensive BC Management Program book is a complete program for business that includes advice for all development. Planning can be extremely overwhelming... But this book makes it easy for you! Standard language enables quick review. Click HERE>>

Gartner Data Ctr Conf, Dec. 1-4, Las Vegas, addresses your hottest issues: next-stage virtualization, the impact of cloud computing, best practices in cost optimization, managing escalating energy costs, the aging infrastructure, and more. Click HERE>>

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Twenty First Century Communications, IntraPoint Announce Partnership to Deliver Complete Emergency Notification and Incident and Crisis Management Solution
Columbus, OH and Reston, VA - The integration of the two solutions provides a complete incident management and emergency notification offering. This will provide companies with the capability to manage incidents and crises from a single dashboard and allow them to be prepared when an incident or crisis occurs. Click HERE>>

SAFER Systems to Showcase Top Chemical Emergency Management Technology
Camarillo, CA - SAFER Systems will participate in the FinnSec09 International Safety and Security Fair, October 7-9 at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre. Product demonstrations of SAFER Systems technology will give FinnSec attendees a first-hand look into how the company's chemical emergency management solutions equip security, environmental, health & safety and first response personnel with critical information. Click HERE>>

COOP Systems Education Recommendation
COOP Systems Education has seen many Business Continuity courses being offered over the years. Recently they have come across a modular course series delivered by the international non-profit organization ICOR that avoids travel, a prerequisite for many in this economy. The curriculum is also used by the Masters of Continuity Management program at Norwich University. Save 20% by using voucher # COOP-20920. Click HERE>>

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