FedEx Custom Critical…
Provides nonstop, door-to-door service, with same-day or next-day delivery of urgent freight, valuable items or hazardous goods. Services are available 24/7/365, utilizing our trucking fleet for surface-expedited service. Air options, from exclusive-use charters to premium air freight also available. To learn more
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Philip Rothstein, author/editor of more than 50 books and publisher of the Rothstein Catalog on Disaster Recovery,
is concerned that business continuity practitioners often find it difficult to build a comprehensive reference library. His assessment and advice will be helpful to anyone involved with business continuity. For more,
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Taking Stock: New Book Addresses the Lessons Of 9/11
How much has actually changed since the attack on America? A new book seeks answers. Published jointly by a host of academics, the work addresses how the lessons of 9/11 have affected many areas of life and business in the US. Click HERE>>

US Government Issues Biochem Products Guide
Chemical and biological protective equipment is one of the most important investments first response organizations will ever make. A new US Government guide seeks to arm front-line agencies with the knowledge to buy the right gear. Click HERE>>

Half of Leading US Companies Hit by IT Attacks, PwC Finds
A new survey of leading American firms by consulting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers uncovers an increasing frequency of IT attacks in recent years. Click HERE>>

Fear of Litigation Prevents Security Technology from Reaching Market
Can manufacturers of anti-terror technology be sued if their products don’t prevent an attack? Fears of litigation have kept many potentially useful types of technology from reaching the market. But new rules from DHS seek to correct the problem. Click HERE>>

More Employees Stressed in 2003
A recent survey has found that nearly two out of every three workers are under increasing amounts of debilitating job pressure. Less than a year ago, a similar survey found fewer than half of employees claiming the same levels of stress. Click HERE>>

“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platform.
Patented technology provides unsurpassed protection against seismic shock and vibration for mission-critical systems and equipment, including mainframes, server racks and more...
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PLYLOX™ Commercial Hurricane Window Clips
PLYLOX™ window clips are the inexpensive and non-destructive way to protect your windows from high winds and airborne debris. Installed in seconds, the clips require no drilling. Click HERE>>

DRJ Spring World 2004 March 7-10 in Orlando. Sign up by December 18 to receive a $50 discount! It is a high-risk world. Protection. Security. Continuity. Disaster Recovery Journal’s Spring World will have solutions! Download their 24-page brochure.
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Strohl Systems and EnvoyWorldWide Release NotiFind 2.0

Strohl Systems and EnvoyWorldWide recently released NotiFind 2.0, an advanced notification system for business continuity. NotiFind, powered by EnvoyWorldWide, combines the familiar user interface of Strohl’s products, integration with its LDRPS planning software, and the communications infrastructure of EnvoyWorldWide™s interactive notification platform. For more information, Click HERE>>

Mobile Emergency Datacenter
North American Access Technologies, Inc. “NAAT” is pleased to announce that its Homeland Security/Disaster Recovery Solution, the Mobile Emergency Datacenter (MED) is now on GSA Contract GS-30-F-0020N SIN 618-01. The Mobile Emergency Datacenter has won the “Best New Technology Award 2003” at FOSE. For more information, Click HERE>>

Web Based CBR Contingency Planning Tool
CBR (chemical, biological or radiological) terrorist attacks are possible in any environment. Through its web based response tool, CBR Response assists the commercial world with solutions to CBR attack. This tool, developed from practical experience and on site evaluations, was a finalist in the 2003 International Contingency Insurance & Risk awards for most innovative product, sponsored by BCI, the Corporation of London and Contingency Insurance & Risk magazine. For more information, Click HERE>>

Enterprise Chooses Whale Communications' e-Gap® Remote Access SSL VPN to Maintain Business Continuity
"SSL VPNs are the perfect solution,” said Dan Harman of Lewis Operating Corp., a leading developer of commercial and residential properties. "We selected Whale Communications' e-Gap® Remote Access SSL VPN. It not only gave us the assurance that we could continue to operate remotely in times of emergency but it also gave us the functionality that we need on a daily basis - the ability to access applications from anywhere, securely." Click HERE>>

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