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Insights on Katrina
Hear from former FEMA officials George Haddow and Jane Bullock, educator Pat Moore, author Judy Bell and GUIDE publisher Kathy Rainey.  Compelling insights from these experts provide a springboard for future discussions on the issues of preparedness, response and recovery. Click HERE>>

Katrina’s Aftermath: Five Key Areas to Consider
Given the devastation in the South and the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the nation is asking itself some key questions: How did this happen? And what can we do to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Since the major media outlets across the country have done an excellent job keeping us up-to-date on this tragedy, we’d like to devote this week’s edition of the Continuity e-Guide to giving you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the stories you didn’t catch on CNN, FOX or the networks, but that directly affect the world of business continuity and emergency preparedness. If you have additional stories you think our readers would appreciate, or would like to comment, please reply to the addresses at the end of this newsletter.

Tragedy Puts New Emphasis on Personal Responsibility and the Family
While BC professionals have preached for years that we need to prepare our businesses to withstand natural disasters, Katrina has raised an important question: Did we forget to prepare ourselves and our families? Click HERE>>

The All-Hazards Debate Rages on as Experts Question FEMA’s Priorities
Even before Katrina, many experts questioned whether or not FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security focused on adequately protecting us from natural disaster. Now the debate is more heated than ever. Click HERE>>

Repercussions of Hurricane Force Us to Rethink Business Continuity
While 9/11 has long been thought of as a “wake up call” for organizations to finally see the need to implement business continuity plans, given the aftermath of Katrina, did we really learn our lesson? Click HERE>>

Are Models and Predictions Effective at Showing us Where to Spend?
Experts and computer models were able to predict almost everything that has happened in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, but can they really tell us where we should be allocating our funds? Click HERE>>

Have Disaster Recovery and IT Professionals Prepared Adequately?
IT professionals have focused on disaster recovery for some time now, but faced with the devastation caused by Katrina, have they adequately prepared themselves for today’s new reality? Click HERE>>

Past Warnings, Present Discussions & Future Predictions Click HERE>>
Washing Away: A 5-part Special Report from the Times Picayune
A Revolution Needed in U.S. Emergency Management
The FEMA Drill on Worst Case New Orleans Scenario
Forbes Report: The $100 Billion Hurricane

Response, Recovery & Rebuilding Click HERE>>
North American Center For Emergency Communications Needs Help
NACEC is in need of large quantities of commercial radio communications equipment. If your company would like to assist, please get in contact with NACEC at
Small Business Disaster Survival Guide
When the winds build and disaster strikes, some tips on how to get back to work fast.
Google Is Everywhere
Now its new map technology is helping hurricane victims and their families track damage and each other.
Commentary: Recovery Through Logistics
Of course it won't be easy for New Orleans to return to normalcy, but the key is in planning and execution.

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Mental Health

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Former Presidents Unite to Create a Fund
A List of Charities
Forbes Offers Caution

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November 12-16. The IAEM 2005 Annual Conference & EMEX will take place November 12-16 at the Phoenix Civic Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The theme is "Emergency Management: Local, Regional and Global Successes." For details,
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Throughout the past week, IBM has reached out to clients across the region.  IBM is actively supporting multiple client recoveries, helping them transition from their production centers (applications, data, networks and personnel) to one of IBM's recovery centers across the United States. Visit

They have offered some services as volunteer work.  They provide DR solutions for telecom systems (PBX) by restoring inbound call capability (DID) and Toll Free services after a significant event.

Visit and go to the Katrina Response Disaster Monitor with information, updates, practice standards, and links to resources. CCN is extremely involved in response to employee groups in the impacted area.


They have donated radios for search/rescue and relief.  They have many dealers and reps in the area, many who have lost everything, perhaps some, it is feared, even their lives.

They have dispatched a program manager and a software engineer to work along side NY SEMO teams and will allow and provide the loading of their DisasterLAN system onto their web server, for now, at no charge along with short on-site training.

USG was contacted by an agency of the U.S and has agreed to send personnel to the region. They are on the official list of emergency responders.

Agiosat is working around the clock on recovery. They have technicians staged throughout the region as well as in Los Angeles, CA. Their biggest challenge is to get people informed that there is hope to get them back onto the grid.
FedHealth is offering a 15% donation on each September order to benefit a local First Responder group of the purchaser’s choice and/or Katrina victims, in support of “National Preparedness Month 2005”.

Visit for a list of items they still have available as of this minute to assist in the Katrina clean up efforts. Items immediately available, within a week’s time, in case there is a need, range from a variety of shelters to decon showers.

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