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Why Directors & C-Level Officers ARE Legally Liable if a Disaster or Disruption Occurs Directors & C’s are liable when there is an Emergency or a Disaster occurs. They can defend themselves by exercising good Emergency Management & Business Continuity Planning. Click HERE>>

Lessons Learned: The Continuing Crisis of Katrina

This e-GUIDE continues to give you a look at some of the stories you probably didn't catch in other media which affect our world of BC and emergency planning. Contact us if you know of other stories.

Katrina Reminds Us that Preparedness is Everyone’s Responsibility
The American Red Cross says that while 90 percent of us believe preparedness is important, only 10 percent are ready to handle a disaster. Why haven’t we prepared ourselves? Click HERE>>

Disaster Once Again Highlights Need for Business Continuity
While many government agencies and businesses are getting criticized in Katrina’s wake for failing to respond adequately, a few companies did get it right. How did they do it? Click HERE>>

Witt Jumps into All-Hazards Debate
Former FEMA head James Lee Witt has added his voice to the debate over where to allocate funds to prepare for emergencies. Why does he think we need to be better prepared? Click HERE>>

Do We Really Trust Predicting and Modeling?
Weeks after Katrina, it seems like countless scientists and emergency experts have spoken out about how they were able to predict the disaster years ago. So why didn’t we listen? Click HERE>>

Katrina Teaches IT Lessons in Disaster Recovery
Companies who had good corporate resources and IT disaster recovery plans were more likely to salvage their IT operations after Katrina, but how well did other companies fare? Click HERE>>

Respond quickly with AMTELCO’s Rapid Emergency Deployment (R.E.D.) Alert system! R.E.D. Alert automatically contacts the necessary personnel and groups, receives responses, sets up and records conference calls, and much more. Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline Catalog
72-hour Personnel Support EvacuationSearch & Rescue Medical ResponseFood & WaterSanitationMuch More! Supplying companies worldwide since 1985. "We can be afraid or we can be ready," former DHS Secretary, Tom Ridge. Click HERE>>

Corp. Security, BC & Crisis Mgmt. Conference
Join senior executives, government officials and policy experts to examine strategies to limit risk, control damage, maintain critical operations and effect recovery. Nov. 17-18, NYC. Click HERE>>


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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

Global Business Continuity Awareness Week
September 18-24 — This is an international initiative to promote the importance of business continuity in the business community and beyond. It is also a clear indication that our profession is increasingly recognized around the world for the role it plays in protecting businesses and other organizations. To learn more about the event, please visit DRII website at: http://drii.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=214

Avalution Consulting Launches Innovative Business Continuity Capability
Cleveland, OH — Avalution Consulting LLC launches company focused on the design and delivery of event risk and business continuity management services to the public and private sectors. The firm focuses equally on reducing event likelihood and limiting impact following a business interruption. Additional information can be found at: www.avalutionconsulting.com.

Journal of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

The JHSEM now celebrates its 6th issue and second year of publication. The level of interest and support from readers continues to increase. Articles submitted provide important information and perspectives to the emergency management community. You may find these, and book reviews, or news notes of interest, at their website: www.bepress.com/jhsem

North Carolina Emerg. Mgmt. Assn. Conference Oct. 16-19
Involvement with other emergency agencies is on the rise as all recognize the importance of “working together” to achieve the goal of providing the most efficient and fastest response to the public. This conference will allow interacting and exhibiting of your products/services to a statewide audience of emergency management and emergency response agencies. http://www.ncem.org/Upcoming.htm

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