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On January 1, CPM magazine will evolve into a paid, subscription-based print newsletter called CPM Global Assurance. This new offering will advocate a closer synergistic relationship among business continuity, security, and emergency management all under the umbrella of good corporate governance. For more information and to subscribe,
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Former FEMA Executives Shed Light on Homeland Security & BCP
Jane Bullock, former FEMA Chief of Staff, and George Haddow, former FEMA Deputy Chief of Staff and FEMA’s first liaison to the business community, discuss the implications for businesses and business continuity planners of the domestic war on terrorism and the new government focus on homeland security.
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DHS’ New IT Security Czar Sends Chills Through Tech Sector
A crippling cyber attack against America is coming and its up to the IT industry to help the government shore up the nation’s defenses. That’s what the new DHS cyber security chief told IT insiders at a recent business summit in California. Click HERE>>

A Few Bad Apples
PR disasters can be as crippling to businesses as earthquakes, floods or fires. Read how Apple learned this the hard way following a grassroots consumer backlash. Click HERE>>

ASPs Making Comeback in BC/DR Circles
Application service providers (ASPs) were significant casualties from the tech-sector meltdown of 2000. Now the idea is back and gaining a new footing in BC/DR circles. Click HERE>>

Experts Outline Options on Speeding Data Recovery
What's the use of having data backed up if the recovery and restoration process takes too long following a disaster or emergency? One IT industry insider offers insight into data restoration technology that could help speed recovery. Click HERE>>

Red Cross Resources for Continuity and Preparedness
Smaller organizations and businesses (or anyone wanting BC ‘fundamentals’) may find the Red Cross’ guide to disaster preparedness useful in assessing readiness. Click HERE>>

Working Together, Making a Difference
December 24th will be the last issue of e-GUIDE for 2003. In this special issue, we will share stories of organizations making our world a better place through their much needed outreach programs. If you would like to suggest groups for inclusion, please email publisher@disaster-resource.com by December 17th.

Super iSeries Savings for Business Continuity!
Save up to 30% on MIMIX software when purchased with IBM's new iSeries for HA or iSeries for Capacity Backup. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2003.
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A Survival Kit….a Terrific Gift to Show You Care!

A 72-hour Emergency Kit shows appreciation to your employees, friends and family. Every automobile needs one! Order today for holiday delivery. For more information,
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2004 Third Annual Business Continuity Show, March 4-5 in New York. Sign up by January 31 and save $100 on the low-cost of $295/2-day program. Pro-active BCP, back-up sites, risk management, data protection.
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Call for Editorial for the 2004 GUIDE

We love articles that come from the grassroots… lessons learned, case studies, best practices and more. Please submit your article ideas now for 2004. We’re looking for content for the annual print GUIDE, online GUIDE and weekly e-GUIDE. Send your article proposals to, editor@disaster-resource.com

Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) charters Greater Chicago Chapter
ACP announces the chartering of the Greater Chicago Chapter, which will provide business continuity professionals in Illinois, southeast Wisconsin, and northwest Indiana the opportunity to network and continue their business continuity education. “ACP is ecstatic to add a chapter in this region, which is the third largest metropolitan statistical area in the country,” said Paul Striedl, Corporate Chapter Services Director. For more information about ACP, please visit the association's web site at www.acp-international.com or contact Michael Schroeder, ACP Greater Chicago President, at (312) 875-1069 or by email Michael.Schroeder@trz.com

Lakeview Technology Acquires Availant Inc. Enhancing its AIX and Storage Expertise
Increasing its position as a worldwide leader in infrastructure software and services, Lakeview Technology Inc. (Lakeview), announces its acquisition of Availant Inc. (also known as CLAM Associates), developer of Clustering and Availability Management software and Custom Technology Services for validating and integrating vendor products with IBM's AIX operating environment. As a result of the acquisition, Lakeview significantly enhances its AIX and storage expertise, expanding its Information Availability solutions to cover applications running on OS/400, AIX, Linux, Windows and other UNIX operating systems. http://www.lakeviewtech.com/pressroom/pr_2003_11_26.asp

Tech Assist, Inc. Partners with ReDvolution Technologies, LLC

Tech Assist, Inc partners with ReDvolution Technologies, LLC to provide the first hands-on , product independent computer forensic training and certification. C.C.S.I. (computer crime scene investigations) are on the rise and the demand is great for certified Computer Forensics Response Engineers (C.F.R.E). These engineers represent a new breed of cyber combatants. For more information visit http://www.toolsthatwork.com/Forensic%20Press.doc

“Share the Wealth”…Industry Organizations Update
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