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Sometimes the worst security dangers, and the ones you forget about, are those in plain sight. Matthew Friedman of Networking Pipeline offers his views on the four most common security dangers: social engineering, process errors, technical vulnerabilities and inside abuse. Click HERE>>

Homeland Security Funds Advanced Cyber-Security Projects
DHS cyber-security policies won’t even allow employees’ laptops to have wireless access, so why were border agents sharing information with Canadians over Blackberries? Click HERE>>

When Will We Be Ready for the Next “Big One?”
With Florida continually battered by hurricanes and predictions of busy hurricane seasons in years to come, some are starting to ask: Will we ever be ready for the next disaster? Click HERE>>

Users Rethinking Disaster Recovery Plans
Many IT departments lack funding for DR projects, and as a result are starting to re-think their plans, says a new survey. Should you be rethinking your DR plan as well? Click HERE>>

Why do Security Breaches Happen?
Do companies who are victims of security breaches not take any steps toward prevention? No way, says one expert, but they do make a critical mistake. Are you making it, too? Click HERE>>

US Companies Prepare for Bird Flu Outbreak
A number of companies are preparing themselves for a potential flu pandemic, including a few who could be most affected – those who sell chicken. What are they doing right? Click HERE>>

DHS Aims to Give More Detail on Infrastructure Plan
The National Infrastructure Protection Plan is meant to provide more detail on how the DHS plans to protect infrastructure, but does it leave important questions unanswered? Click HERE>>

Enterprise-wide BC Planning
DSPN is a consulting firm that develops emergency response and business recovery plans. Their nationally-certified professionals design, document, implement, and test contingency plans. For free BC resources, Click HERE>>

Emergency Kits Make Terrific Holiday Gifts!
The Emergency Lifeline Corporation is celebrating its 20th anniversary by offering discounts on emergency kits. Offer good until Nov 19. Give your employees the gift of preparedness. Click HERE>>

16th World Conference on Disaster Management
Toronto, June 10-13, 2006. Emergency Management & Business Continuity working together. Learning and networking from a global perspective. Save $300 if registered by Jan. 16.
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MessageOne Publishes Useful Book With Top Ten Rules To Ensure Exchange Availability
San Diego, CA — Recently, at the Microsoft Exchange Conference 2005, MessageOne, Inc. announced the availability of a new book that details the top ten essential rules to ensure that Microsoft Exchange-based email systems are always available - no matter what.  The three authors, Paul Robichaux, Chris Scharff, and Ben Winzenz, have all achieved the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) honor signifying their high level of technical achievement for Microsoft Exchange.

Continuity Planning Associates Launches Crisis Commsuite
Continuity Planning Associates is pleased to announce the launch of Crisis Commsuite, a sophisticated, yet simple to use Crisis Management tool. Crisis Commsuite enables you to effectively manage and collaborate with all of your crisis response and business recovery teams in real time, regardless of their location or the cause of the incident.

“Expect the Unexpected”
If there is one important lesson that we have all learned from Hurricane Katrina what would it be? To Lori Adamo, as the head of a business continuity services company who promotes excellence in emergency preparedness, this remains a burning question with one compelling answer. The lesson learned, and a costly mistake is the lack of Planning and Readiness. To read the whole article, Click HERE>>

Corporate Security, Business Continuity and Crisis Management Conference
New York, NY — November 17-18 — “Emerging Threats to the Corporation: Strategies to Detect, Deter and Defuse Crises.” Join senior executives, government officials, policy experts and other thought-leaders to examine strategies to limit risk, control damage, maintain critical operations and effect recovery.

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