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November 30th is Computer Security Day! Though emerging technologies are recognized as security concerns, not everyone takes sufficient measures to manage the risks. Lee Futch has developed a security quiz that will test your knowledge and increase your awareness. Click HERE>>

Forget Planning Your Business Continuity, Expert Says
Companies planning their business continuity strategies won’t find themselves very successful, says one security expert. So what should we do instead of planning? Click HERE>>

Lawmakers Pressing DHS to Complete National Threat Database
A House subcommittee isn’t impressed with DHS’s efforts to compile an asset and threat database designed to protect potential terrorist targets. Why are lawmakers frustrated? Click HERE>>

Internet Growth Complicates Security Risks, Expert Says
The explosive growth of the Internet onto our phones and palm computer devices is going to complicate security risks for at least five more years, according to one expert. Click HERE>>

Americans Give to Disaster Relief in 2005, Poll Finds
Almost half of Americans who contribute to charities gave money to disaster relief efforts this year, a new poll has found. But do we give to those charities before disaster strikes? Click HERE>>

Wall Street Prepares for Bird Flu Threat
With the threat of an avian flu pandemic striking this year, firms on Wall Street are paving the way to preparedness through risk management. What can you learn from them? Click HERE>>

FEMA Won’t Release Hurricane Survey Data
This wasn’t the only year when the southern coast was hit by fierce hurricanes, and FEMA has gathered information on last year’s busy season. So why won’t they release it? Click HERE>>

SECTOR BCP solutions address regulatory requirements, provide BCP and Recovery Program gap analysis solutions and a Contingency Web Site.  Highly reliable, redundant, and secure data centers can host production or back-up systems. Call 866-383-3315, or Click HERE>>

The safest and easiest way to transport a person, in an emergency, down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees Click HERE>>

Effective Continuity Planning
Orlando, Dec. 5-9. IBCT offers this hands-on workshop covering all major aspects of effective BCP for corporations and government organizations. Comprehensive in breadth, its professors are experienced and professional. Real-life BC Plans.
Click HERE>>


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"Share the Wealth"...Industry Organizations Update Click HERE>>

Mid Atlantic Disaster Recovery Association, Inc.  
MADRA was formed to stimulate communications among individuals, groups and the community working in the areas of disaster recovery and business continuity planning. They provide information exchange in these areas, along with job referrals and sources for information about products, services and experiences. Because there is no catchall or total solution in DR or BCP, the only real sources of information are other individuals’ knowledge or experiences.

Strohl Systems Releases NôtiFind 3.0
King of Prussia, PA — A new version of NôtiFind enables users to transfer the relationships that tie plans together such as call trees and plan hierarchies between the emergency notification system and Strohl’s BCP software, LDRPS. It also provides support for alphanumeric pagers and provides the ability to create scenarios, define escalation rules and enhanced management control and security over teams.

Interoperability Emergency Standards Successfully Demonstrated
Washington, DC — COMCARE, the Emergency Interoperable Consortium, and the International Association of Emergency Managers announced the successful trial of new emergency data communications standards during the annual IAEM Conference in Phoenix. The demonstration included the exchange of emergency data messages based on three scenarios: a pandemic flu, a Category 3 hurricane and a terrorist explosion.

ACP Announces 2006 Board of Directors
Founded in 1983, the Association of Contingency Planners is a non-profit trade association dedicated to fostering continued professional growth and development in effective contingency and business resumption planning. With 34 chapters and over 1,800 active members, ACP is the largest networking and information exchange organization in North America for business continuity and disaster recovery professionals. To view the list of their new Board of Directors, Click HERE>>

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