EnvoyWorldWide White Paper:  The Five Pillars of Emergency Communications Planning The pillars support emergency communications planning, which can fail if any one is not in place. They are best practices to ensure your initiatives pay off when incidents occur. Click HERE>>

Seven Steps to Employee Preparedness Human behavior in an emergency is a critical factor in determining the success of an emergency response. During an actual emergency, employees will either be part of the problem or part of the solution. Steven M. Crimando tells us more. Click HERE>>

Has US Lost Drive to Rebuild After Tragedies?
From the Chicago fire in 1871 to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US rebuilt after disaster. But a new article suggests that in the wake of 9/11 and Katrina, we’ve lost that drive. Click HERE>>

The Left and Right Hands of Cybersecurity
Some critics say the DHS isn’t coordinating properly with state authorities to combat cyberthreats. Does the left hand need to know what the right hand is doing? Click HERE>>

Government Advises 'Shelter in Place' Plan for D.C. Terror Attack
Residents in Washington, D.C. are being advised to develop “shelter in place” plans in the event of a terrorist attack. What does that mean for personal preparedness? Click HERE>>

Government to Survey Businesses on Cybercrime
The government is launching its first national survey designed to find out how much cybercrime is costing American businesses. Could your business be a part of the survey? Click HERE>>

Avian Flu Threat Shakes Doctors' Confidence
More than half of our doctors don’t think the government can manage a flu pandemic. Only one in five are adequately equipped. How can we be prepared if doctors aren’t? Click HERE>>

Government Officials Declare Cyber Storm a Success
The government declared its first digital war game exercise, known as Cyber Storm, a major success. Does that mean the exercise has improved cybersecurity? Click HERE>>

Email Continuity, Security, and Recovery Services are now all available from MessageOne. Join thousands of organizations that already depend on MessageOne for business continuity, and be sure your email is protected against any threat. Click HERE>>

Emergency Lifeline Catalog
72-hour Personnel Support EvacuationSearch & Rescue Medical ResponseFood & WaterSanitationMuch More! Supplying companies worldwide since 1985. "We can be afraid or we can be ready," former DHS Secretary, Tom Ridge. Click HERE>>

DRJ Spring World 2006
Orlando, FL. Mar. 26-29. Global events from recent months have proven that vulnerabilities exist everywhere. How can you achieve total preparedness? Learn solutions, strategies and new priorities. Click HERE>>


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IT Consultancy Takes Security to a New Level

Ministry of Data has just commissioned two FV432 armoured personnel carriers for those organisations that need an extreme level of security. So whether you need to transport your client’s data ‘really’ securely or if you need to store your data with the same ultra hi-level of safety that comes from former ‘cold war’ nuclear Bunkers at secure and secret locations in the UK & Europe – Ministry of Data can help. www.ministryofdata.org

ACP Posts Member Observations on Hurricane Katrina
The Corporate Board of The Association of Contingency Planners announces the posting of a white paper compiled of member thoughts and recommendations regarding the response and preparedness measures surrounding Hurricane Katrina. This document serves as a culmination of ACP’s recent polling of its membership to provide their unique perspective as practitioners on the event. http://www.acp-international.com/articles/ACP_Hurricane_Katrina_Observations.pdf

Come Assess Risks that Interupt Operations
BRMA invites government and business managers to investigate disaster risk planning on Feb. 23, in Oakland, CA. Regina Phelps, an internationally recognized expert in the field of emergency management and continuity planning, will review the basics of hazard assessment. The session will focus on the five basic threat areas: natural disasters, human risks, hazardous neighbors, community dangers and geo-political fallout. http://www.brma.com/nextmeeting.htm

DSPN Workshop #105: Essentials for Enterprise-wide Business Continuity Programs
One of a series on “How to Benchmark and Sustain Your Program,” this workshop is especially geared for beginning business continuity managers and executives from various departments who oversee such programs. Attendees learn best practices for designing and implementing a comprehensive, properly sequenced program. All elements of disaster response and business recovery are covered. http://www.disaster-survival.com/workshop.html

a Weekly Publication of Disaster Resource GUIDE.
Based on the philosophy of "working together", the weekly Continuity e-GUIDE provides a concise seven-day snapshot of the business continuity and emergency management industry from around the world right down to the local level.

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