With proven and reliable notification services from EnvoyWorldWide, you can be certain your critical messages are delivered on time, every time. View the on-line demo now to discover how Envoy provides the communications tool critical to any business continuity plan. Click HERE>>

Avoiding an IT Crisis As data and applications become critical to operations, companies invest heavily to protect them. Millions are invested in replication solutions, which often fail. Kelly Jones analyzes the key points of failure and suggests how to avoid them. Click HERE>>

New Jersey Launches Counter-Offensive against Bird Flu
An avian flu pandemic won’t just affect human health, but could also have a devastating effect on the poultry industry. What is one state doing to prevent this from happening? Click HERE>>

Study Finds 45 Percent of Businesses Have Invoked BC Plans
Since Katrina, the news is full of surveys showing how many companies don’t have BC plans. Now a new survey looks at how many with BC plans have actually used them. Click HERE>>

Canadian Businesses Not Ready for Bird Flu, Study Finds
A new survey says most businesses in Canada don’t have plans in place to deal with an outbreak of the bird flu. Could their lack of preparations affect our own plans? Click HERE>>

Homeland Security Management Chief Resigns
Personnel turnover is once again picking up speed at the Department of Homeland Security. This time, the agency’s management chief has handed in her resignation. Click HERE>>

Report Slams Medicare, Medicaid IT Security
The medical and financial information of millions of Americans could be at risk because of inadequate IT security, a new report suggests. Click HERE>>

Port Security Starts at Home, Expert Says
We shouldn’t worry about the now-defunct ports deal, says one expert, because our port security is already almost non-existent and wide open to terrorist attack. Is he right? Click HERE>>

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PLYLOX™ Commercial Hurricane Window Clips NEW! The ingenious, inexpensive and non-destructive way to protect your windows from high winds and airborne debris. Installed in seconds, the clips require no drilling, nails, screws or adhesive. Click HERE>>

CPM 2006 WEST:
A Global Alliance for Survival. May 23-25, The Mirage, Las Vegas. CPM is the premier education and networking event for BC/COOP, emergency management and security professionals. Disaster simulation exercise! Free golf tournament! Click HERE>>


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New Book from PERI and Natural Hazards Center Helps with Disaster Recovery

Fairfax, VA — The Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI), a nonprofit risk management training and educational organization, recently announced publication of an important new resource for professionals responsible for disaster recovery. “Holistic Disaster Recovery: Ideas for Building Local Sustainability after a Natural Disaster,” features a special emphasis on the recovery following Hurricane Katrina. http://www.riskinstitute.org/test.php?pid=news&tid=1582

Americans Rate Hospitals and Local Government Highest in Emergency Response, DR
M. Glenn Newkirk, President of InfoSENTRY Services, said, “This finding is consistent with our other opinion research that reflected positively on information system security practices in hospitals and medical clinics.” Local government was given a 39% Net Response and Recovery Confidence Score, second only to hospitals. http://www.infosentry.com/InfoSENTRY_NewsRelease_Response-Recovery-Attitudes_20060130.htm

The Association of Contingency Planners Charters Delaware Chapter
New Castle, DE — ACP announces the chartering of the First State Chapter. The chapter will provide networking, educational, and professional development services to the rapidly growing number of business continuity professionals throughout the state of Delaware. “We can all benefit from this national association to collaborate and share knowledge,” states Debra Dillon, First State Chapter President. http://www.acp-international.com/articles/2006-3-10_Deleware_FINAL.pdf

Strohl Systems Begins Beta Test of LDRPS 10
King of Prussia, PA — The latest version of Strohl’s BC management software, LDRPS, is currently in Beta testing. It features an On Demand (ASP) version, which means no hardware installation or software maintenance is required to build plans. The product is scaled for use by businesses of any size and provides point and click and cut and paste features to which most computer users are accustomed. http://www.strohlsystems.com/MediaPR/TopNews/FullText.asp?ID=101


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