Does your email archive truly meet your disaster recovery needs? Expert analyst Michael Osterman hosts this must-see webinar “5 Reasons to Review Your Email Archive Strategy.” Learn common misconceptions and answers to your key questions, sponsored by MessageOne. View it here.

“Rebuilding the Big Easy: Transitioning From Critical Infrastructure Reconstruction to IT Infrastructure Development in New Orleans” Gary Higgins explains how rapid assessment and temporary infrastructure are catalysts for the development of the city and its repopulation. Click HERE>>
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Senator Clinton Opposes Plan to Scrap FEMA
The senate’s report made headlines as it advised the DHS to abolish FEMA. With the agency a shadow of its former self, why is Hillary against the plan to kill off FEMA? Click HERE>>

Study Finds Sharp Drop in UK Online Attacks
British businesses are taking an interest in security, says a new survey, and it’s paying off. So why are some businesses still badly equipped to deal with a rising security threat? Click HERE>>

Risk Managers Spent More on Disaster Preparedness
At a time when most organizations are tightening budgets, risk managers are spending more on disaster preparedness. Have we finally gotten the preparedness message? Click HERE>>

Employees Try to Punch Holes in Corporate Web Filters
You want to keep your employees from using the Internet in ways they shouldn’t, but sometimes even the strongest security tools can’t keep them away from forbidden fruit. Click HERE>>

Sarbanes-Oxley Law Could be Headed for High Court
Conservatives are launching a constitutional challenge against the law that reshaped corporate governance. Is a SOX challenge headed for the Supreme Court? Click HERE>>

Congress May Consider Mandatory ISP Snooping
Internet service providers may have to keep all of their data in place, as Congress thinks about legislation on the issue. But how practical would these laws really be? Click HERE>>

Webinar: Communication Priorities for Avian Flu Join 3n and expert Robert Chandler, Ph.D. to learn about the impact of a pandemic to your business, steps for communication preparedness, and what you can do now to enhance readiness. Click HERE>>  

The safest and easiest way to transport a person, in an emergency, down or up a flight of stairs in a high-rise building! The Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees Click HERE>>

CPM 2006 WEST:
A Global Alliance for Survival. May 23-25, Las Vegas. CPM is the premier education & networking event for BC/COOP, EM and security professionals. Disaster simulation! $50 off conference pass: code FLA6W. Free golf tournament! Click HERE>>


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Survival for about $12 a day
Santa Ana, CA – Looking for a cheaper version of the 72-hour emergency kit? Companies sell them ready-made. Alaska Regional Hospital is buying about 900 to make sure all its employees are prepared. Employees can stash them in their cars or have them ready at work in case they get stuck there during an emergency, said Kjerstin Lastufka, hospital spokeswoman. You can buy a similar kit for $35.

Focus on Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity
Quincy, MA – A special conference track on disaster preparedness and business continuity will be offered at the National Fire Protection Association’s annual conference and exposition in Orlando, June 4-8. Sessions will focus on assessing risks, emergency preparedness, contingency planning, incident management, and recovery plans. For more information and to register, log onto

Emerson Network Power Announces 2006 Business Continuity Leadership Series
Columbus, OH – With more organizations evaluating the effectiveness of their business continuity plans and facing new challenges in building secure network foundations, Emerson Network Power announced recently a series of Business Continuity Leadership activities to be held throughout 2006. The series brings together leading authorities on BC to address key issues facing IT and business management.


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